Wynn on the Brain

I love Las Vegas.

My parents moved to it from Chicago in ’99, and while I’ve visited multiple times a year during their time there, my girlfriend and I visit annually, and have done so each year we’ve been together, splitting time between staying with the ‘rents and spending time alone on the strip.

Vegas in itself is a great winter retreat; where else but the desert are you able to enjoy golf on a 60-degree New Year’s Day? And she and I will take the “dry” summer heat any day – nothing a few poolside margaritas can’t fix.

Over time my Vegas expectations and preferences have changed (I guess taste buds aren’t the only “taste-indicators” that evolve every seven years), and I can’t say enough fantastic things about the Wynn and how fortunate we are to be able to experience it. It’s 30-degrees today in Chicago and I eagerly anticipate our summer ’17 trip!

  • It’s far more quiet and sees less traffic compared to other hotels on the strip
  • Fewer families and virtually no kids (strollers are shunned at the entrances)
  • Great restaurants and lounges:
    • Allegro
    • Jardin (at Encore)
    • Mizumi
    • Wazuzu
  • Fantastic suites, views and pool
    • We prefer staying in the Tower Suites (this post’s featured image is of the Suites’ lobby), where we have access to “suites guests only” concierge and check-in, fitness center, bar, and receive complimentary breakfast at Tableau and priority when it comes to lines and shows
Dinner @ Mizumi
Meatball Pizza + Linguini with White Clam Sauce @ Allegro
Jardin @ Encore

The next time you consider Vegas, consider the Wynn. Its only downside is that “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” doesn’t apply there. You’ll leave 10lbs heavier, having gained them while soaking up sun, drinking cocktails, crushing meatball pizza, sushi, King Crab legs at the buffet …

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Kevin Joseph

Chicago | @ke_vin_joseph

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