None. Really?

“None” is a tough word for me. When I hear it I think, “really? None?”

Think about it.

Is none truly ever none? Sometimes or always? Is always … always always? Forever. What lasts forever? All – I want to know it all.

Words, when used properly or improperly, have an incredible ability to evoke strong (or less than strong) emotion. Isn’t it our responsibility to use them wisely? Truthfully? For the sake of others?

“None” is one of those tough words for me. Watch out for it. Always.

via Daily Prompt: None

Kevin Joseph

Chicago | @ke_vin_joseph

9 thoughts on “None. Really?

  1. So do I, using the word none is utterly used by a lot of people apparently. It seems, it is only that way which really like to be used by people repeatedly, as it is just for those who looks for being comfortable, they will say always ” NONE”, it is best way for them, there are a lot of people function it professionally.

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    1. Good point! Yes, “none” and “always” are easy go-to words. It gives the user an out; it allows him/her to think less about how they feel and what they say about the topic. It’s a blanket word.

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    2. Your comment also makes me think about the question, “what’s new?” Most people will say, “not much” when asked this question. Really? Not much? Certainly something is new and can be entertained πŸ™‚

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      1. Hhhhh, it is true! Oh really?! No much! That’s really funny, and makes me sick at the same time!πŸ˜‚, You know! You blog is incredibly amazing, liked and enjoyed a lot! Keep it up.

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