A New “Buddy”

We aren’t exactly sure how he was impounded, but we sure are glad that he wound up in the hands and hearts of a wonderful foster family who brought him to One Tail At A Time, a Chicago adoption center.

We visited with my parents – at the time in town from Las Vegas – last Sunday, Mother’s Day. We had our eyes set on Lobo, a tiny little mix we found on the center’s website. As our luck would have it though, we walked in to find Lobo playing with his new owners in the front room. They’d just closed the deal minutes before we arrived. Tricia was, for lack of better terms, devastated.

As she was noticeably heartbroken, a volunteer approached Tricia and empathetically asked if she (and I) wanted to see Flea, a cairn-terrier mix.

“Sure. Why not.” we said.

We waited a handful of minutes as Flea was brought from the kennel to the yard. When it was our turn to be ushered out back, we were greeted by one of the happiest, spunkiest, highest-jumping pups I’d ever seen.

We were given 10 minutes or so to meet and play, but it really only took a few seconds for our hearts to open up to each others’.

Today marks one week that Buddy’s been with us, and we celebrated with another family day and by introducing him to his “cousin,” Hunter.

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Tricia, Buddy and me have much to learn about responsibility. There will be growing pains and challenges, and lessons learned. But I know today that we three were meant to be, and our commitment to each other will take us to new places and levels of understanding that we wouldn’t be able to reach without one another.

A new home, a new name, a new life. A new Buddy, unhappiness unmoored.

Life is good!

Kevin Joseph

Chicago | @ke_vin_joseph

7 thoughts on “A New “Buddy”

    1. Love dogs. Tricia’s had a cat too, and he became “ours” when we moved in together. Getting these guys on the same page will be the most challenging; Buddy has a lot of energy and the cat prefers his space. We’re moving the needle forward though!

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  1. Congratulations on the new addition to the family, Kevin! Two months in with our lovely Valkyrie, she and Chi, the kitty, are finally moving beyond ignoring each other. Every day is a joyful adventure! 😉 xoxoM

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