New Hobby. Old Friend.

Meet Tony.

The guy loves life. He’s a creative too. Smart. Genuine.

We went to high school and Junior College together and partied the summers away before life took us on different rides. For a quick minute.

We reconnected later in life – a few months ago – when we were in the right places. Spiritually. Mature enough to hone in on and understand our creativity.

  • High school
  • junior college
  • 20 year break
  • 2017

Reunited via chance(?), creativity, photography.

Raised by his mother alone and taught to be responsible, considerate, independent. It is these qualities among others that compliment his generosity. I’m green behind the lens and he’s been selfless in bringing me up to speed:

ideas, concepts, dreams.

He’s a father, a friend, mentor. He’s my friend.

See more of my friend Tony at @orionthehunterphotography and @tljourney.

Kevin Joseph

Chicago | @ke_vin_joseph

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