La COLOMBE’s Ethiopia – Ardi

Is it really only Tuesday? At least I have my La COLOMBE coffee.

I dropped Tricia off at her office this morning so I took a pass on my Tuesday Sip run; it’d be too far out of the way for me on my own way in.

Instead I hit La COLOMBE and tried the Ethiopia – Ardi. The lighter of their two house drip-coffees, I found it to be a bit sour and acidic to the nose even though it’s marketed as a coffee that boasts a sweeter smell. It’s taste is sweeter than I thought it’d be though, and it really is nice and refreshing for a light roast with its apple and grape tones (and no indigestion!).

If you’re in the vicinity of one of their 26 locations and have the urge and means to try? Do try.

Stay alert!

Kevin Joseph

Chicago | @ke_vin_joseph

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